The Sacrament of Marriage

REQUIRED for marriage in the Church of All Saints, Hassop:

1. Proof of Baptism - a certificate from the parish of Baptism signed within a previous six month period - and a letter from present parish priest stating that the Catholic party is active in the local parish family and a member of it. Weddings are celebrated
during Mass in Hassop in order to add some solemnity to the celebration. If you are not a regular Mass go-er, obviously this causes problems.

2. Publication of Banns or Dispensation from Banns (parish of preparation)

3. Proof of Confirmation and First Holy Communion (couple). If the Sacrament of Confirmation has not been received, this is not done in Hassop but would be required.

Pre-nuptial enquiry done together with priest/deacon preparing couple and signed in the presence of the priest/deacon. If done in one diocese, it will have to be forwarded to the diocese where the wedding is celebrated.

5. Firm date for the marriage and arrangement with a priest or deacon for the celebration
six months in advance. No date for your marriage should be fixed until you have discussed it with the priest or deacon concerned. Other people may be getting married on the same day or there may be a parish celebration.

6. A letter of 'freedom' will be asked for: the parish priest where the Catholic party was (1) Baptised and (2) now lives can issue this.

7. When the marriage preparation is done in one diocese but the marriage takes place in another diocese or country, the paper work is more complicated. It is important to keep dates in mind.
Keep a copy of all documents.

8. The pre-marriage course/seminar is a "must" and the couple has to look around for this in their local parishes or diocese. This is considered an essential part but it is not the only preparation .There will be other meetings with the celebrant of the wedding and a spiritual preparation should also be planned - e.g. an afternoon retreat, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, reflection on the Scripture readings chosen. We can do this spiritual preparation in Hassop.

9. The couple contacts all other people involved in the ceremony and is responsible for this - for example the choir, organist, sacristan, florist, etc. A rehearsal is necessary before the wedding: parents, readers, ushers, etc. can come along for this.

10. A certificate from the Registry Office is required before a wedding can be celebrated in All Saints Hassop. You may be asked why you are choosing All Saints Hassop for your wedding when you do not live there nor attend church there. Your attendance at Mass in Hassop fulfils this requirement. How will you fulfill this requirement? The Registry Office can and does contact us at Hassop to verify your status and all embarrassment should be avoided.
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